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Why Choose
RL Engineering & Tech Solutions?


We take a holistic approach to identifying areas of concern determining the best strategy for execution. We provide services that improve efficiency and optimize with machine learning by identifying root causes for losses in performance or quality, backlog of needs, security issues, increased costs, increase in waste, or increase in production time.  Our process improvement strategy analyzes your organization’s operations, focuses on critical challenges, identifies high-value opportunities, creates the best strategies, and provides insight on how your organization can lower costs, be more efficient, and exceed customer expectations. Our performance- and data-driven business optimization solutions streamline your business workflows to help you gain 
competitive advantage through optimized efficiency, reduced waste, improved flexibility, and enhanced service. RL Engineering and Tech Solutions operates as a best value, qualified engineering, and technology solutions provider. Our goal for our clients is to maximize desired factors while minimizing the undesirable ones.


RL Engineering and Tech Solutions offers a comprehensive set of services that to our clients:
  • Advanced Data Analytics

  • Business Intelligence

  • Performance Management

  • Business Process Reengineering

  • Process Improvement

  • Reliability Engineering

  • Proposal Support

  • Business  Enterprise Certification Services

  • Strategic Planning and Optimization

  • Business Development Programming

  • Workforce Development Programming


We have a proven track record of saving our clients as much as $500,000 with our solutions and strategies.


RL Engineering and Tech Solutions is headquartered in Orlando, Florida and can provide services, virtually and/or in-person, to any client located in the United States and internationally.

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