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RL Engineering and Tech Solutions is an engineering and technology solutions and consulting firm dedicated to working closely with our clients to assess, identify, and improve on key areas of their business.  RL Engineering and Tech Solutions team has over 16 years of engineering and technology experience in small business, commercial, and government sectors. We service the following industries and tech areas:​

Industries (services can be applied to any industry)

  • Facilities Operations and Maintenance

  • Laboratory Services

  • Propellants and Life Support

  • Aviation

  • Construction

  • Fleet

  • Aerospace



  • Data Analytics

  • Data Science

  • Business Intelligence

  • Business Optimization

  • Process Improvement

  • Performance Management

  • Reliability Engineering

RL Engineering and Tech Solutions is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, and can provide services, virtually, to any client located in the United States.  We are committed to empowering our clients by providing them the tools necessary to ensure their company's efficiency, profitability, and success.  

Rose LeJiste Headshot.jpg
Rose LeJiste Headshot.jpg

Rose LeJiste

is the Founder and CEO of RL Engineering and Tech Solutions. She received her bachelor’s in industrial engineering at the University of Central Florida and then worked at Kennedy Space Center for 15 years. She is an epic expert in data analytics, business intelligence and optimization, process improvement and streamlining, reliability/safety engineering, performance and project management in both government and commercial environments. She currently serves as the Executive Director for Black Orlando Tech, a nonprofit committed to accelerating minority economic advancement through careers and entrepreneurship in tech. Rose facilitates the organization’s Tech Startup Series, an entrepreneurial development program focused on ensuring that underrepresented startup founders have a solid business foundation, and the Forward Cities project for Orange County/Orlando, an initiative focused on assessing the small business ecosystem in Orange County/Orlando area.


We take a holistic approach to identify areas of concern determine the best strategy for execution, identify root causes of loss in performance or increase in costs or waste, and improve on key areas of our client’s business and operations.


Our goal for our clients is to maximize desired factors while minimizing undesirable ones.

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