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CEO Awarded NAWBO Orlando's Women Who Win Established Business Of The Year Award

Victoria Shirley

Oct 6, 2023

[Orlando, FL] - Women business owners are a rapidly growing segment of the U.S. economy, facing unique challenges in their entrepreneurial journey. From accessing capital to securing contracts, and balancing caregiving responsibilities, they exhibit exceptional resilience.

NAWBO Orlando’s Women Who Win Awards honor remarkable women who have triumphed over challenges, showcasing outstanding leadership and making significant contributions to their industries, aligning with NAWBO's mission.

Established Business of the Year - Rose LeJiste - RL Engineering & Tech Solutions

Rose LeJiste, founder of RL Engineering & Tech Solutions, is the recipient of the Established Business of the Year award. RL Engineering & Tech Solutions is a leading engineering and technology solutions firm, renowned for its client-centric approach. With a rich portfolio spanning over 16 years, the firm has excelled in various sectors, reflecting Rose LeJiste's dedication to excellence and innovation.

In the past year, RL Engineering & Tech Solutions achieved substantial growth in strategic partnerships, service expansions, workforce, client base, revenue, and successfully securing government and corporate contracts.

Thank you NAWBO for this Honor!

We are thrilled to be recognized for the Established Business of the Year award. This acknowledgment is a testament to our team's dedication and hard work in the field of engineering and technology solutions. We are proud to be part of a community that supports and empowers women in business.

The Women Who Win Awards is an inspiring event, and we are honored to be among the exceptional women who have made a significant impact in their respective fields. We are looking forward to the event and to celebrating the achievements of all the deserving awardees. Thank you once again for the recognition and the opportunity to be a part of this empowering event.

About NAWBO Orlando: NAWBO Orlando, a 5-Star Award Recipient, envisions propelling women entrepreneurs into economic, social, and political spheres of power worldwide. Their mission is to strengthen the wealth-creating capacity of NAWBO Orlando’s members, promote economic development, create effective changes in the business culture, build alliances, and transform public policy.

Founded in 1975, NAWBO is the unified voice of over 11.6 million women-owned businesses in the United States, representing the fastest-growing segment of the economy. It's the only dues-based organization representing the interests of all women entrepreneurs across industries with chapters across the country.

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