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Data Analytics Cohort

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

RL Engineering and Tech Solutions is excited to announce that we have collaborated with Black Orlando Tech (BOT) in their Building BOTs Tech Skills Cohort Initiative and has joined the BOT Cohort Leadership Team. The BOT Tech Cohort Project is an accelerated applied training program created for participants to gain introductory to intermediate level skills within a particular topic in technology. The Cohort Leadership Team will facilitate the training sessions through introductory to advanced level knowledge, topics, exercises, and activities to create a stronger pipeline to a relevant certification.

RL Engineering and Tech Solutions will be leading the Data Analytics Cohort and offering accelerated training in the following segments:

  • Intro to Data Analytics

  • Intermediate Data Analytics

  • Advanced Data Analytics

For additional information on the BOT Tech Cohort project, please visit their website found here. Click on the picture below to sign-up for a cohort!

If you are interested in RL Engineering and Technology's data analytics accelerated training program, please email us at lejiste@rlengtech.com.

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