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Company Snapshot

RL Engineering and Tech Solutions is an engineering and technology solutions and consulting firm. We take a holistic approach to assess and identify areas of concern and determine the best optimal strategy for execution. We provide the custom tools, processes, and strategies our clients need to achieve their business objectives and goals. Established in 2018 in Orlando, Florida to offer various services in data analytics and data science, business intelligence, performance management, business optimization, process improvement, risk management, and maintenance management, this American-owned company operates as a best value, qualified engineering and technology solutions provider. Our goal for our clients is to maximize desired factors while minimizing the undesirable ones.

Company POC and Contact Info
  • Company Name: RL Engineering and Tech Solutions

  • Government Business POC:  Rose LeJiste 

  • Email:

  • Phone: 321-244-8000

  • Company website:

  • Company address: 260 Maitland Avenue Suite 1000

  •          Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

Core Competencies
  • Business Intelligence

  • Data Analytics

  • Data Science

  • Business Optimization

  • Process Improvement

  • Performance Management

  • Risk Management (System Safety and Reliability)

  • Asset/System/Maintenance Management

Company Codes
  • DUNS: 117035018

  • NAICS Codes:  541611





  • CAGE Code: TBA

  • FEIN: 83-4149556

  • Special Certifications: TBA

Past Performance
  • Institutional Services Contract (ISC) – AECOM

Kennedy Space Center 2008-2019

  • Joint Base Operations and Support Contract (JBOSC) – Nelson Engineering Co

Kennedy Space Center 2005-2008

  • Over 16 years of experience in cost-plus and fixed-price government contracts within facility O&M, facility and construction projects, propellant and life support, fleet, and aerospace environments.

  • Over 5 years of experience working on government proposals

  • Business Intelligence Professional Certification